OCP-B  Assistant Web Designer

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Revealed

  • Web Design 


Animated Banner 


Standard Sizes:




OCP-A  Information Technology Assistant

Online Portfolio instead of Resumes

  1. Online Portfolio’s allows the viewer to get a sense of who you are and your work.
  2. By creating a online identity you can have control of what companies or clients would see when they search for you.
  3. Online Portfolio’s allows you to make any updates, changes or add content easily from anywhere.
  4. Having all your work in one place, organized and well structured attracts viewers attentions as well as they have access from any computer around the world.
  5. Online Portfolio’s give you the opportunity to show your work and who you are through your content, it could be a more creative extension of your resume.

SWOT Method

Strength – Weakness – Opportunity –  Threat

S – I am creative, innovative, organized, multitask, good at designing, editing multimedia and creating new things as well as coordinating social media.

W – I do not have the skills necessaries yet to develop web sites or  to go deep into photoshopping.

O – The constant development of technology, including internet and different programs and apps that would allow me to perform efficiently in different tasks.

T – It will go hand to hand with my weaknesses because due to my lack of skills on web design so far, I am not able to perform web development or design yet.

 Copyright Fair Use

We can identify four principles concerning the most typical uses of copyrighted materials as falling within the doctrine of fair use:

  • using copyrighted material for media criticism.
  • Quoting copyrighted works of popular culture to illustrate an argument or point.
  • Capturing copyrighted media content in the process of filming something else.
  • Using copyrighted material in a historical sequence.

Sometimes people within the community need to use copyright in order to produce their own work. Everyone applies the fair use of copyright uniquely and depending on the material purpose.

Are you an employee?… Yes?! Then Take Note

As workers we all have rights and responsibilities which will make our work environment a lot better. Our rights include the right to know, the right to speak up, and the right to refuse. However, we also have responsibilities which include following procedures, asking for training, using protective equipment, and identifying hazards in our work environment.

You have the right to know and your employer has the responsibility to tell you about the hazards in your work site. The right to speak up, if you are uncertain about a task, you have to speak up and ask for help. Lastly, the right to refuse, if you feel that a task might be too risky and you feel that you are not quite prepared for the task, you have the right to refuse.

As we have rights, we also have responsibilities. On the work site we must follow procedures that have been outlined for us, we most use personal protective equipment, and identify if there are posible hazards in our work environment.





Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’S) affect the muscles, nerves, blood, vessels, ligaments and tendons. MSDs can be prevented. Ergonomics (fitting a job to a person) helps lessen muscles fatigue, increases productivity and reduces the number and severity of MSDs.

Ergonomics .jpg